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What should we pay attention to compression moulding?

Join Date: 2019-05-18

Today MDC mould shares some basic knowledge of compression moulding When we use the compression molding method, we must consider the following 7 factors:

The first is the material, the choice of material is very important
· the second is shape, the choice of shape is crucial for the subsequent production
· the third is stress
· and the fourth is temperature
· and the fifth is partial thickness
· last is cycle time

These points we need to pay attention to when using compression moulding method Next, the advantages of compression molding

We feel that Though objects can be made in a variety of ways, many manufacturers choose compression molding due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Compression molding is one of the least expensive ways to mass-produce products. Furthermore, the method is highly efficient, leaving little material or energy to waste.

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