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The Development of SMC

Join Date: 2019-05-29

Sheet molding compound(SMC) material is no stranger to the composite industry, with a long history in everything from cars, trucks, to recreational vehicles and industrial structures.

In recent years, new high strength SMC with specific density around 1.0 g/cm3 now have their sights set on aluminum in automotive body panels and other industries, as well as carbon fiver in the material mixed from many suppliers.

With the development of new specified SMC, they required a good quality compression mold to match its properties. MDC Mould, as a leading SMC mold manufacturer, is able to provide solution for SMC components in different kinds of industries. Meanwhile, MDC team can evaluate 3D models and exchange technical data on the design, and discuss the practicalities of high volume manufacturing including available technical solutions, rough process lay-out. Based on our knowledge of materials we propose the appropriate SMC system. 

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