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Application of compression mould in automotive field

Join Date: 2019-06-17

With the global energy shortage and the development of new energy, compression mold has been more and more used in automotive industry. It is mainly used in the following areas:

1.Auto-body part. Such as roof, frame, door and bumper.etc. This is the main direction of the application of compression mold in automotive industry. The main performance is to meet the high quality requirements of automobile appearance.
2.Structural part. Including underbody shield, pick up box and seat frame.ect. The main material is high strength SMC, GMT and LFT.
3.Function part. Such as engine cover, battery cover, fan cover.etc. The main features of these parts are high temperature and corrosion resistance. Mostly used in engine and its peripheral parts.

With the rapid development of automotive industry and the improvement of the compression mold technology level, the application prospect of compression mold in automotive field will be more and more broad.

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