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Professionally in GMT and LFT mould

Join Date: 2019-06-21

As an authorized mold maker by Audi and Daimler in china, MDC is becoming a leading compression mold manufacturer in the world. At present, there’re less than 5 mold makers who has professionally experienced in GMT and LFT with high quality level. MDC plays an important role in the field of automobile lightweight.

Last year, our company manufactured a D-LFT integral air conditioner cover mould for Shanghai Songz Automobile Air Condition Company,which is applied to city buses. The weight of the mould is 95T,Part weight is 45 Kg, and the mould test pressure is 5000T . In comparison with metal, weight has been reduced around 65%. The molded products produced exceed 5 square meters, which is the largest thermoplastic composite product in the world. And the molded products have passed the rigorous vibration test.

This is not only a development of D-LFT mould, but also a development of MDC.

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