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Composite products have been used as standardized products

Join Date: 2019-06-22

In Europe, the current output of glass fiber reinforced composites has exceeded 95% of the total output of European composites; output has kept sustained increasing for 6 years. In 2018, it is expected that composites will continue to grow at a rate of 2%, with an annual output of 1.411 million tons. Although European composite production continues to grow, it still lags behind the global market trend.

Although the market development trend of fiber composites in various technological products is different, the proportion of GRP used by major application industries in Europe is basically the same as last year. From a regional perspective, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy have slightly higher than average output growth. Germany is still Europe's largest market for FRP and composites market, totaling 229,000 tons.

In addition, in terms of carbon fiber composites, according to AVK estimation, the global demand for carbon fiber reinforced composites is about 128,000 tons in 2018. The demand in Europe is 40,000 tons. Carbon fiber composites account for 1-2% of the total market in Europe.

At present, composite products have been used as standardized products in many application fields. However, its innovative products will not have a significant impact on the growth of the market. Therefore, it is expected that the total output will not suddenly change significantly in the next few years.

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