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Compression mould manufacturer

Join Date: 2019-07-09

MDC’s main business is Compression mould manufacture.

The technique is often used for molding of glass fiber reinforced parts and high pressure is often used. Wear resistance, strength and hardness are required from the mould material.

There are several advantages with compression moulding:
. No waste of plastic material (no gate or runner system)
. Minimum of internal stresses in the part
. Process can be used for very heavy parts
. Less expensive equipment

Compression moulding normally uses a hydraulic press in which a moulding tool is fixed to top and bottom platens of the press. The moulding tool consists of a top cavity and bottom cavity, designed to produce the part to be manufactured and heated to the required moulding temperature. Once the materials of choice are placed into the open mould, the press closes to apply an agreed pressure designed to force the material to flow within the cavities of the mould. The moulding cycle continues to maintain heat and pressure until the polymer has cured and the part moulded. Once moulded it is removed from the tool and trimmed to provide a finished part.

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