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Compression mould in bathroom

Join Date: 2019-07-26

With the improvement of people's living standard, the time of using bathroom after work is getting longer and longer. The traditional bathroom material is heavy and has no anti-skid function, as well as anti-leaking&anti-mildew. Therefore, the concept of overall bathroom emerges spontaneously.

SMC is one kind of composite Materials, usually used in overall bathroom, which has perfect advantages in durability, safety, leak-proof, environmental protection and high efficiency.

SMC materials are usually formed by hot- compression process and products are integrated by compression mould at high temperature with oil, steam or electrical heating options. MDC has a long research in this field, and has successfully developed projects such as SMC bathtub mold, SMC shower tray Mold , SMC washbasin Mold and so on.

Due to the high appearance requirement of bathroom products, the gloss requirement of mould surface is very high leel. MDC has rich experience in mirror polishing of mould and professional instrument to test the surface finish of the mould with Ra<0.1μm


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