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How to improve the quality of SMC products

Join Date: 2019-08-08

The quality of SMC products depends on press machine, SMC mould, technical parameters /process and skill of staff. Among them, SMC mould plays an important role. In the meantime, to ensure the molded SMC products are in accordance with 3D design, how to control mold accuracy becomes particularly important.

SMC product accuracy includes dimension control, performance shape,and surface roughness, etc. Normally speaking, above factors are the judice of product quality. Of course, the requirements of SMC products are different in different applications.

According to the molding characteristics of SMC products, the followings are the main factors to affect the accuracy of SMC products:

1: Shrinkage of SMC material;

2: Design of ribs and inserts;

3: Parting line and shear edge of mould design;

4: Draft angle;

5: Mould surface roughness.

In a word, mold design and manufacturing accuracy are the key to ensure quality of SMC mould, as well as SMC molded products.

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