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Compression mould for Fiber reinforced plastic

Join Date: 2020-04-18

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a composite material made of fiber reinforced polymer matrix. The fibers are usually glass (in glass fibers), carbon (in carbon fiber reinforced polymers), etc. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) uses glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, ribbon, felt, yarn, etc.) as reinforced materials. The strength and modulus of the matrix are much lower than fiber, but it can withstand large stainless. FRP is also called glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP). Fiberglass is commonly used in aerospace, automobile, ship and construction industries.

FRP Compression mould is one kind of FRP mould, the advantages of the compression mould are high dimensional accuracy, good performance, smooth surface and less burrs. The production efficiency is high and it is convenient to achieve specialization and automation of production. It can be formed at one time for complex par, but not suitable for very large FRP composite products.

For FRP mould, the choice of material directly affects the performance of the final product. Therefore, there are some requirements when selecting mould steel.

  • A. High strength, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance
  • B. Good cutting and surface polishing effects
  • C. Higher heat resistance and smaller thermal deformability;
  • D. Good corrosion resistance;
  • E. Small thermal deformation and good dimensional stability.

Compression moulding process of FRP

Firstly, the pretreated plastic is put into an open heating cavity of the mould. Then FRP mould is closed and pressure is applied to force the FRP material to fill the cavity. Hydraulic pressing machine are usually used to generate sufficient force in the molding process. Keeping the heat and pressure until the FRP solidifies.

MDC Mould is a professional manufacturer of FRP mould in China. We produce various FRP moulds with advanced machines and compression moulding technology, as well as our highly professional team under the leadership of experts in FRP industry. Over the past 20 years, MDC mould has produced FRP moulds including FRP car bodies, FRP electric boxes, etc, and worked with well-known companies, like Daimler, Audi, etc.

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