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Do you know carbon fiber compression molding?

Join Date: 2020-09-09

As a high-performance structural material, carbon fiber is now used in aerospace, automotive industry, medical equipment, rail transit and other fields. As a new type of structural material, carbon fiber has been applied in many fields. Commonly used carbon fiber molding processes include vacuum autoclave molding, compression molding, and filament winding molding. Among them, compression molding is the most widely used, so what is carbon fiber molding.

The molding process is a carbon fiber molding process widely used in China. The main process step is to place the carbon fiber prepreg between the upper and lower molds, close the mold and place the mold on the hydraulic forming table. After a certain period of high temperature and pressure, the resin After curing, remove the carbon fiber product. The carbon fiber compression molding process has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, and high dimensional accuracy, and is suitable for the molding of carbon fiber products with high strength and batch size.

The first thing to do for carbon fiber compression molding is to prepare the materials, prepare the required carbon fiber prepreg according to the product specifications, and then clean the mold to avoid dust and debris residue. Then apply a release agent after ensuring that the mold is clean and smooth to prevent the product from sticking to the mold too tightly after molding. The pre-prepared carbon fiber prepregs are superimposed layer by layer and pre-compacted to form a dense solid with a regular shape. The folded is expected to be placed in the mold, the mold is closed, and the pressure, time and temperature are set.

In the carbon fiber compression molding process, the resin content is controllable and the fiber wettability is good. The carbon fiber content in carbon fiber products is relatively high, so the strength is excellent and the size is accurate. With the deepening and development of the application of carbon fiber composite materials, the molding methods of carbon fiber composite materials are constantly appearing in new forms. In practical applications, multiple processes often coexist to achieve applications under different conditions and circumstances.

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