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Five types of compression tool

Join Date: 2020-03-05

MDC Mould is a China company specialized in making SMC, BMC, GMT, LFT, Carbon Fiber, have abundant experience on tool designing and manufacturering. MDC have strict quality control system and high efficiency work team, have many kinds of hydraulic press and oil temperature controller to make sure the compression moulding trial and parts production goes well. MDC provides various compression tools and solutions for many industries and customers. These are several different types of tools in our business.

SMC tool

SMC tool

Sheet molding compound is glass-reinforced polymeric material, SMC delivers superior strength-to-weight with a Class A surface. The SMC tool primarily used for automotive body panels, institutional seating and various other structural components.

BMC tool

BMC tool

Bulk molding compounds offer great flow properties. Shorter glass fibers lessen the structure reinforcement, which creates a putty-like injection molding compound. BMC tool is used to produce complex components such as electrical equipment, car components, housings for electrical appliances, in large industrial volumes.

carbon fber tool

Carbon fiber tool

Carbon fiber has many excellent properties, such as high axial strength and modulus, low density, ultra-high temperature resistance in non-oxidizing environment, good fatigue resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity. MDC has worked with many tier one molders for Car manufacturers regarding carbon fiber tool projects. This enables us to provide a fast and professional tooling solutions in automotive manufacturing.

GMT tool

GMT tool

GMT is Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplasitcs, a kind of sheet molding compound with fiber reinforced thermoplastic. MDC Mould has developed kinds of GMT tool for Daimler C, E, and AMG series, including GMT underbody shields, GMT protection cover, GMT brackets, as well as SMC bumper, SMC door panel, SMC Engine hood, etc.

LFT tool

LFT tool

LFT is bulk molding material that feature continuous fiber filaments running the full length of the pellet allowing these materials to exhibit simultaneous improvements in strength, stiffness, and impact resistance over a wide temperature range.
Meanwhile, D-LFT (Direct-long fiber thermoplastics) is available for injection or compression molding. Most D-LFT systems, for injection or compression molding systems, feed glass roving (or other fiber) into a twin-screw extruder (TSE), where it is chopped by the screws as it is mixed with molten polymer and additives that have been metered in separately. To improve surface finish, some systems use knives to prechop the roving prior to entrance into the TSE. This method generally yields a shorter fiber, while the direct roving feed produces longer fibers and yields parts with higher structural performance. Each approach uses different and specialized screw designs.

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