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What’s the process of SMC molding

Join Date: 2020-04-03

Thermoset materials such as SMC, BMC, etc have excellent physical properties when getting compression molding. Compression molding has widely used for high-volume composite parts, and is usually associated with SMC (Sheet moulding compound) and BMC (Bulk molding compounds) materials. Structural parts molded from BMC or SMC can be replaced for metal products at the condition of weight reduction without lowering strength. Excellent heat resistance, compression strength, and dimensional stability are all advantages of compression molding materials.

What’s the process of SMC molding?

SMC molding is a hot compression molding process, and is able to produce various kinds of complex parts with high strength. SMC molding process is to put SMC material into SMC mold, then close mold, give SMC molding pressure. With the help of heating temperature, it’s transferred into molded parts. Cycle time is around 1-5 minutes, but depends on SMC part size and thickness.

SMC molded parts with an accurate dimension, excellent finish surface, and low cost for modification.

SMC molding process is an advanced composite material molding method, and molding is the foundation of SMC process, good SMC part quality is guaranteed by reliable molds. If we want to produce high quality products of SMC mould, then MDC need to have high quality SMC mould manufacturing equipment. Now SMC molds are our core business and our customers are Mercedes Benz, Audi, GM, etc.

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