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Some things you need to know about the compression molding process (2)

Join Date: 2021-07-13

In the previous article, we talked about some molding methods, basic principles of compression molding, and control factors of compression molding. In this article, we will discuss the following compression molding process. Each step of the diagram is described in detail.


The following figure shows the molding process flow:

The progress of compression mould

1.Cleaning the mold: This is the first step in the entire compression molding process, cleaning up the resin and debris left in the mold last time to keep the mold clean and smooth.

2.Mold preheating: heat treatment of the mold. Pre-heating is a buffer method for compression molding, and it is also to obtain the most stable processing effect and product.

3.Apply mold release agent: Apply a certain amount of mold release agent to the groove of the mold to prevent the molded product from sticking to the mold after preheating.

4.Material preparation: prepare the raw material of the carbon fiber to be made into the product, calculate the area of the raw material and the number of sheets. In the compression molding process, this step needs to be carefully calculated, otherwise it will cause waste of materials.

5.Stacking materials: stack the raw materials layer by layer, and pre-press the stacked materials to form a dense solid with a regular shape and a certain quality.

6.Into the mold: Put the stacked raw materials into the mold, and at the same time put the plastic airbag inside, close the mold, put the whole into the mold clamping machine, add a certain constant pressure and constant temperature to the internal plastic airbag, Set a constant time to cure it.

7.Cooling and demolding: Cool down the mold for a period of time after the hot pressing process, then uncover the mold for demolding treatment.

8. Processing and molding: After demolding, the product needs to be cleaned. Use a steel brush or a copper brush to scrape off the remaining plastic, and blow it with compressed air to polish the molded product to make the surface smooth and tidy. This is the last step of compression moulding, as long as this step is completed, the entire compression molding process is also over.

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