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Some things you need to know about the molding process

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1. Molding method

Carbon fiber is a kind of fiber material, so the forming process of carbon fiber is fiber forming. Fiber molding method is a method of putting pre mixed or pre impregnated fiber molding materials into metal mold under certain temperature and pressure to form composite products.

2. Basic principle of molding

The rheological behavior of thermosetting plastics is much more complex than that of thermoplastics. In the whole molding process, chemical reaction always takes place. At the initial stage of heating, the material shows low molecular viscosity and good fluidity. With the interaction of functional groups, some components are crosslinked, and the fluidity of the material decreases gradually, resulting in a certain degree of elasticity. When the material is in gelled state, the molecular crosslinking reaction is more perfect and the degree of crosslinking is improved. The material changes from gelatin state to glass state, and the resin body has shape structure. The molding is completed.

3. Molding control factors

Formation control factors, commonly known as "three elements", namely temperature, pressure and time.This is also a very important part of the molding process

1) Temperature: this process parameter determines the heat transfer condition of the mold to the material in the mold cavity, and has a decisive influence on the melting, flow and curing process of the material.

2) Pressure: make the mold close, make the material denser, promote the melt flow, balance the pressure produced by the volatilization of low molecular substances in the mold cavity.

3) Time: also known as mold holding time, to ensure that the cavity shape has enough time to complete the curing.

The following figure shows the molding process:

Molding process diagram

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