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The key to compression moulding-pressure,temperature,cycle time

Join Date: 2020-01-02

Compression moulding means press moulding. The compression moulding process is to put the raw material into core side after mould heated, close the mould, then be given pressure and allowed the material to be filled with heating transfer. After cured, the product is coming out. During the compression moulding process, you have to take care of pressure, temperature, cycle time, shear edge, material weight, etc.

1.Pressing pressure
Pressure can speed up the material flowing into the mould, overcome the relief of resin, and avoid the expansion. Meanwhile, pressure can moulding the part, and avoid deformation when cooling.
The value of pressure will depend on shape of part, and material. If material has a better flowing, then curing will be faster. In that case, mould requires higher pressure.

2.mould temperature
mould temperature is very critical during moulding, such as material flowing, filling, and curving. the mould temperature is almost 150 degree. Generally, the temperature of cavity side is about 5 degree higher than core side . I have to say that it will eventually affect the performance of composite product.

3.moulding cycle time
moulding cycle time is something with material, part feature, mould design, temperature, pressure, etc. In additional, it will affect properties of product. More cycle time will get big relief in the product; shorter cycle time will get product easily deformed, surface not good. Therefore, we have to calculate a suitable cycle time.

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