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What is SMC material? What are the characteristics of SMC materials? What field is SMC mold used for?

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What is SMC material? What are the characteristics of SMC materials? What field is SMC mold used for?

What is SMC material:

SMC composite material, a kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic, is the abbreviation of Sheet molding compound, that is, sheet molding compound. The main raw materials are GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), MD (filler) and various low shrinkage additives and auxiliary agents.

SMC Compisite Material


What are the characteristics of SMC materials:

Molded products made of SMC materials not only have excellent electrical insulation properties, but also maintain good dielectric properties at high frequencies, free from electromagnetic effects, and do not reflect electromagnetic waves.

Molded products made of SMC material have the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance. SMC material is a reinforced polyester material, which has good corrosion resistance characteristics such as acid, dilute alkali organic solvents, and seawater. In contrast, metal materials can't do it. at this point.

Molded products made of SMC material have the characteristics of light weight and high strength. The specific modulus is equivalent to that of steel, but the strength can reach 4 times that of steel.

Molded products made of SMC materials have the characteristics of long service life. The simulated aging test shows that their service life is more than 20 years, far exceeding traditional materials such as metals.

What fields are SMC materials used for:

Automobile field:

Due to its light weight and high strength, SMC materials have gradually become the leader in the automotive field. On the one hand, the use of lightweight and high-strength materials can reduce the energy consumption of the car during driving; on the other hand, the price of SMC materials is cheaper than traditional metal materials.

SMC mold used in Automobile field


High-speed rail field:

For the fast-developing high-speed rail industry, the strength, fatigue performance, lightweight, and manufacturability of the materials used should have a higher standard. Therefore, more and more new materials are used in SMC materials.

SMC composite materials have begun to be used in vehicles, and the amount has been increasing, which represents the future development trend. Fiber-reinforced resin matrix composites (FRP) have the advantages of high specific strength (stiffness), fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, flame retardancy, and strong designability.

Nowadays, high-speed rail passenger interior side wall panels, inner roof panels, assembled glass fiber reinforced plastic toilets, integral glass fiber reinforced plastic toilets, integral glass fiber reinforced plastic washrooms, glass fiber reinforced plastic air-conditioning ducts, waste exhaust ducts, seats or seat frames are all made of this material.

SMC mold used in High-speed rail field


Bathroom field:

The bottom plate, wall panel, ceiling, bathtub, etc. of the integral bathroom are mostly made of SMC composite material. SMC material is a special material for aircraft and spacecraft. It has compact material, smooth surface, heat insulation, anti-aging and long service life, etc. Excellent characteristics. Compared with ordinary bathroom walls, it is easy to absorb moisture, and the surface is rough and difficult to clean. The advantages of the overall bathroom are quite obvious.

SMC Mold used in bathroom field


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