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What is hot compression mould?

Join Date: 2020-11-18

hot compression mould

Hot compression moulding is a new type of composite material moulding method, good product quality is guaranteed by a stable compression mould, and mould temperature will affect part quality and its productivity, so it is necessary to strictly control the temperature during moulding. Heating method mainly adopts electric heating, steam and oil.

Oil heating directly heats the oil through the mould temperature controller, to setting appointed temperature after several hours. when changing the mould, the mould temperature controller will be as an oil storage tank. In the meantime, the self-closing joints are used for the butt connection of the mould oil passage and the oil temperature controller. Which is easy to connect and disconnect, furthermore it can be completed in seconds.

Oil heating system is widely used in composite material and RTM moulding.

Advantages of oil heating for hot compression mold

  • 1. With operation control and monitoring devices and automatic control
  • 2. It can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure.
  • 3. High thermal efficiency, up to 95%, temperature control accuracy up to 1℃.
  • 4. The equipment is small and flexible in installation. It should be installed near the press machine.

To Choose a method of heating is according to the existing conditions of each company and mould size. Contact with compression mould maker-MDC, will provide you with the solutions.

Advantages of hot compression moulding

  • Single step molding process
  • Short curing time and short cycle time (the cycle time of automotive application materials is less than 5 minutes)
  • Reduce tool investment (compared to metal forming process)
  • Highly automated
  • Potential for redeploying existing urgent infrastructure

Hot compression moulding application:

  • Mass production of structural and non-structural parts for automotive series and high-volume (usually smaller) aerospace parts

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