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compression mold of SMC

Join Date: 2019-12-26

MDC Mould, as a leading compression mold manufacturer in china, has produced these SMC molds for our customers like John Deere, CNH, Escorts, AGRO, etc. In the meantime, with 4000T press machine investment, MDC is able to meet customer's requirement of try-out for the part dimension ranges from smaller ones till 3,500x3,200MM. SMC(sheet molding compounds) is a fiber reinforced thermoset material often used for large parts where highr strength is needed.

As a leading compression mold maker in China, SMC molds are our core business. SMC material has been widely supplied in various industries, our SMC mold includes: SMC washing basin mold with High mirror polishing, SMC cabinet mold with 4 sliders for demolding, SMC battery cover mold includes punching function, etc.

SMC bus panel mold. In the meantime, MDC also gave support from concept design till mold manufacture. Such as rear panel mold, rear lamp mold, rear bumper mold, etc.

SMC door skin mold for our customers from concept drawing till mold chroming plated. In addition, the texture was also made by MDC Mould.

SMC pump mold, which was produced by MDC Mould for one of biggest PUMP manufacturer in Europe. In previous, the pumps are made of steel, but now it has been replaced by SMC material due to lightweight, high corrsion resisting, etc.

SMC molds require heated channels. The normal heating system is steam, oil, electricity or high-pressure water. The working temperature of SMC molds is usually 140 degrees to 160 degrees. Molds with uniform temperature will be easier to fill and produce parts with less distortion, dimensional stability and uniform surface appearance. When anybody has SMC molds development, please keep in touch with our team as below:


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