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compression mould design

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Compression moulding process is an advanced composite moulding method, and the mould is the foundation of the compression process, and good product quality is guaranteed by reliable mould. Therefore, mould design is particularly important in the design of the compression moulding process.

When designing compression mould, it is necessary to design the cavity according to the size and moulding method of the product, besides, it is also required to select the appropriate steel according to the quality requirements and demand of the product surface. Compression mould should be made of mould steel with easy cutting, compact structure and good polishing properties. Such as: P20, 718, 1.2738 (adjust freely), etc. In addition, it is necessary to consider the related problems of machining accuracy and control the dimensional tolerance, shape tolerance and surface roughness

In order to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of compression mould surface, surface treatment is usually carried out. Chromium plating is one of the most common methods. Chromium plating can keep metallic luster for a long time, and it is stable in various acidic media without chemical reaction. Chromium plating has excellent wear resistance and high heat resistance. When the temperature reach to 500℃, there is no obvious change of its appearance and hardness. In addition, nitriding treatment can greatly improve wear resistance.

The parting line design of compression mould should be easy to demoulding, and the way of simplifying the ejection mechanism can be adopted. When the radial dimension of the product requires high precision, the influence of flash thickness on the dimensional accuracy of compression products should be considered, and the vertical parting line can easily ensure the dimensional accuracy of the product

Compression mould temperature directly affects product quality and production efficiency, and the temperature design of compression mould is usually between 140℃ and 160℃. Heating system includes electric heating, steam heating and oil heating. When designing the temperature system of the mould, choosing the appropriate heating method and ensuring the uniform surface temperature of the mould can reduce the deformation and improve the dimensional stability.

In compression mould design stage, new mould software (CAD/CAM, etc.) is used to master the whole process of compression mould design, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, testing and production, including mould design and manufacturing cost estimation, mould assembly evaluation, mould parts manufacturing process evaluation, mould structure and formability evaluation.

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