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hot compression mould

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hot compression mould

Hot compression moulding is a method in which the composite material is first placed in an open heating tool. Close the tool and apply pressure to force the material into contact with all tool areas while maintaining the heat and pressure until the material solidifies.

The hot compression mould has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, low moulding pressure and high precision. The hot compression moulding process has broad application prospects, but when the hot compression technology is used to make moulds, there are still some problems, for example, the uneven cooling during the demolding process will cause demolding defects. Therefore, reasonable design, high-precision manufacturing and process improvement of hot compression moulds have become the key to improving the quality of hot compression products.

Introduction of the hot compression moulding process

Hot compression moulding is a production technology that can heat and solidify the material on the mould into the desired product through a hot compression method at an appropriate temperature and pressure.

The matters needing attention in the hot compression moulding process

In the hot compression moulding process, the temperature of the mould needs to be lowered before demolding to ensure that the polymer filling the cavity is completely cured. In addition, the cooling phase of the mould will extend its moulding time, so mould manufacturers can improve the efficiency and quality of hot compression moulding by accelerating the thermal cycle rate of the mould.

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