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how to make carbon fiber mold?

Join Date: 2020-07-03

Carbon fiber can be produced by the compression molding process. Due to the stability of the carbon fiber material and extremely low shrinkage, the molded carbon fiber parts can get high accuracy, after curving by high temperature process. Are you considering using carbon fiber compression mold or fiberglass compression mold to make your own composite parts? Do you want to know how to make carbon fiber compression mold to ensure high-accuracy mass production? MDC Mould is a leading compression mold manufacturer in china, as well as a compression mold supplier of high-quality carbon fiber components.

Before we start making carbon fiber molds, our engineering team will conduct a feasibility report, and evaluate what type of material should be used to make carbon fiber mold. In the period of the design process of carbon fiber mold, we will think about the temperature, thermal expansion, strength, and rigidity, as well as the molding process. In particular, the large carbon fiber molds must have sufficient strength to meet molding process requirements, and keep dimensional stability. Therefore, it’s necessary to strengthen the compression mold.

Carbon fiber mold milling

It is necessary to pay attention to all the points in the design stage. MDC Mould will use high-quality milling machines to mill mold, in order to ensure high accuracy of carbon fiber molds. When manufacturing carbon fiber molds or products, we will make every effort to ensure the highest quality molding process and the highest aesthetics. 

1. Ensure the tightness of the carbon fiber mold. During the vacuum process, the adhesion of the carbon fiber can be made tighter, and the quality of the product can be guaranteed.

2. The dimensions of the carbon fiber mold cavity are accurate, the mold surface has a high appearance accuracy and the temperature distribution is uniform.

3. Carbon fiber has sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure a long mold life.

Carbon fiber molding

Carbon fiber products are widely used in aircraft, high-end cars, and other fields, using curing furnaces or autoclaves to produce high temperature resistant carbon fiber parts. MDC Mould always uses high-quality epoxy resin to mold any carbon fiber parts or products. The products we produce are the same as the 3D models or sample parts provided.

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