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Carbon Fiber mould

A Carbon Fiber is a fibrous carbon material having a micro graphite crystal structure made by fibrillation of Acrylic resin, a well known textile material, or from oil/coal pitch and then by being given a certain heat treatment.

In recent years, MDC is researching and developing CFRP ( carbon fiber reinforced plastics ) mold processing mould of various products.

The advantage of Carbon fiber

I. carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile fiber. Polyacrylonitrile fiber will be heated until the temperature is very high, the materials other than carbon in the fiber are burned out and only a series of ultra-thin macrofiber is left. The more sufficient the processing is, the higher stiffness of materials will have. This is a very complex industrial processing course, and only a few companies in the world are capable of manufacturing original carbon fiber materials. From the report of United States Department of Energy of 2010, we can find that over 90% carbon fiber materials globally are from six companies, two thirds yield of carbon fiber materials worldwide are from Asia and less than one third from the US.

II. “Carbon fiber” we normally say is actually carbon fiber composite, and it is not the only material in mould, because it only shows ultra high stiffness under special conditions, and if there’s only carbon fiber composite in mould, the mould will be fragile and tends to split and crack. In order to maintain its characteristics, carbon fiber composite will be submerged in epoxy resin (a kind of colloidal material) before the use in mould to form a kind of composite material.

III. The advantages of high stiffness and light weight. Additionally, unlike metal, it’s easier to control the stiffness of carbon fiber, because the stiffness is unidirectional and could be formed into a line or put in the mould according to carbon fiber composite material for adjustment. This is called anisotropy. While for metal, it’s isotropy, just the reverse, and in any axial direction of the material, there will be the same strength and stiffness.

Symalite mold

SymaLITE mold is mostly used in the vehicle interior and in addition to the components already referred to be used for head and sunroof liners as well as instrument panel trim. In addition to these applications in the passenger compartment, it is also used for an innovative under floor concept involving almost the enclosure of the under floor structure. New concepts are also being developed with SymaLITEmould for manufacturing external chassis parts in which a decorative outer layer is pressed together with SymaLITE.

Nowadays, MDC has become the sole SymaLITEmould manufacturer in china and our main customers are Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, GM, and so on.


Carbon Fiber Mould

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