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MDC Mould is a compression tooling manufacturer with high quality level, and produces various compression tooling in many industries. These toolings manufactured by MDC includes thermoplastic tooling, thermosetting tooling, glass reinforced tooling, carbon fiber tooling and etc. So what is compression tooling? Compression tooling is a tooling that forms and cures a material by compression. You can also call it punch and die tooling. Compression tooling can be used for thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics and rubber materials. that is, moulding material plasticizing, flowing and filling the cavity, resin curing. In the process of filling the die cavity with the moulding material, not only the resin flow, but also the reinforcing material flow along with it. and even be used as a tablet compression tooling. Therefore, the Compression tooling pressure of the moulding process is higher than that of other processes, which belongs to high-pressure moulding. Compression tooling is also widely used in agriculture, transportation, electricity, chemicals, building, construction, machinery and other fields.

Compression molding is a basic processing method of compression tooling,compression tooling is to use the characteristics of each stage of resin curing reaction to achieve product molding. It can be used in different ways. Much of MDC Mould’s business involves automotive, building materials and sanitary ware. For example, the lining of the refrigerator door, the mud shield of the car, the chassis of the car, etc. Therefore require compression tool to form or shape parts. According to the characteristics of each stage of resin curing reaction, we will choose the most suitable temperature and pressure to produce a good product. Because of the different of the composites material, the fluidity also is different, especially the different temperature controlled by different moulds. Based on our many years trial experiences, MDC is in possession of the better molding temperature and the way of the material layout.

MDC Mould has provided more than 116 customers with their customized compression tooling and complete technical support. MDC imported advanced equipment, such as five-axis high speed machining , tries to improve the precision of the compression tooling. In recently years, MDC buys the new 4000T press, which mainly solves the problems of trial large compression parts, such as the top panel of bus, rear hood of the bus and electric vehicle site system, etc. MDC introduce some excellent technicians, Through the continuous innovation of software and hardware, the quality of compression moulds can be improved step by step, which is in line with the international level.

More than 20 years of market experience, enabling us to accurately grasp the development information about the compression mold industry. MDC can design and develop different kind of tools according to the different customer requests, and provide post-compression tooling use guidance and maintenance services.

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