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MDC is a China compression tooling company and provides various solutions for many industries and customers. There are many types of compression toolings, depending on the size of the punch and die.

What is tooling in compression?

It forms and cures a material, which is called tablet compression tooling in pharmaceutical industry. This process can produce parts with a wide array of lengths, thicknesses, and complexities. Compression tooling is used in agriculture, transportation, electricity, chemicals, building, construction, machinery and other fields.

Compression toolings include machine, mould bases, and tools.

How to ensure the cleanliness of the compression tooling?

MDC Mould will be strict in polishing with the tool surface when manufacturing. Besides, the anti-rust agent will be sprayed before the tooling is shipped to reduce the loss of tooling when using.

How to prevent wear and control precision of the compression toolings?

Stainless steel is used for compression machine tooling. Our management of steel selection is very strict, and we will also do the hardening of steel. MDC imported advanced equipment, such as five-axis high-speed machining, tries to improve the precision of the tooling.

How to get the best compression tooling?

MDC has been always committed to manufacturing quality compression tooling. We have provided more than 116 customers with their customized toolings and provide post-compression tooling use guidance and maintenance services. Our tooling design team can anticipate possible problems during the design phase and deal with them. More than 20 years of market experience, enabling us to grasp the development information about the compression industry.

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