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The process of compression tooling is putting powdery, granular or fibrous plastics into the cavity of the mould at the forming temperature, and then pressing the mould to form and cure it. Compression tooling can be used for thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics and rubber materials.

Compression tooling process is to use the characteristics of each stage of resin curing reaction to achieve product molding, that is, moulding material plasticizing, flowing and filling the cavity, resin curing. In the process of filling the die cavity with the moulding material, not only the resin flow, but also the reinforcing material flow along with it. Therefore, the Compression tooling pressure of the moulding process is higher than that of other processes, which belongs to high-pressure moulding.

Compression tooling is mainly used for structural parts, connectors, protective parts and electrical insulators. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, electrical, chemical, construction, machinery and other fields .For example, the lining of the refrigerator door, the mud shield of the car, the chassis of the car, etc. Because of the reliable quality of moulding, it has also been used in weapons, aircraft, missiles and satellites.


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