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Thermal forming is an innovative process, and the material used in thermoforming are thermos material. They are ductile by heating, then filled with tool cavities and cooled to obtain products with fixed shape and hardness. Thermoforming tools are one of the lightweight solutions for body structure, while allowing us to improve collision performance and ensure passenger safety. two more common methods are vacuum moulding and pressure moulding, which pulls the sheet to the mould by vacuum, while pressure moulding uses compressed air to press the sheet onto the tool.

Compared with injection molding, the tools used in thermoforming tools are much cheaper. To make prototypes of thermoforming parts, you can use wood, epoxy or other low-cost materials. The production tool for plastic thermoforming is made of cast aluminium or machined aluminium. Aluminium is a light and relatively cheap metal with good thermal conductivity and can effectively carry out heat transfer. Of course, in order to ensure the life of tools, we will also use better steel.

Thermoforming supports much larger part sizes. In addition, multiple smaller parts can be combined into a larger part, and are particularly cost-effective in small and medium-sized production processes. MDC have very rich experience in thermoforming tool. Meanwhile, we also make thermoforming toolings suitable for different specifications of hot forming machines such as Europe

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