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manhole cover mould

Currently, most of the manhole covers are using SMC or BMC compression molding technology to replace steel parts. The perfect property of SMC material can be reached 400-900KN, which can ensure a heavy truck to go cross. In addition, the SMC manhole cover parts with high strength, weight reduction for 1/3 in comparison with steel parts, high accuracy, and corrosion resistance, etc.

Compression Mould process produces high strength, complex parts in a wide variety of sizes. The manhole cover material charge is manually or robotically placed in manhole cover mold; the heated mold halves are closed, pressure can be available applied from 500T till 4000T at MDC workshop, cycle time ranges from one to five minutes, depending on part size and thickness. Features such as ribs, bosses, and inserts can be molded in.

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