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Carbon fiber composite (or carbon fiber, CF) is a new type of high strength and high modulus fiber reinforced material with carbon content up to 95%. Carbon fiber has many excellent properties, such as high axial strength and modulus, low density, ultra-high temperature resistance in non-oxidizing environment, good fatigue resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity. Due to the above characteristics of carbon fiber, it has been used in aerospace, automotive, military and other industries. But, they are expensive when compared with similar fibers, such as glass fibers or plastic fibers. But if you want to order molds for molding of carbon fiber parts at a competitive price, MDC Mold can provide you with some solutions. 

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For business in carbon fiber molding, we relying on advanced equipment, scientific technological process and experienced staff, guarantees to provide high-quality molds and product. So MDC Mould get more and more customers confidence and support.

1. You can contact us to produce products related to carbon fiber. Good products start with a good design. MDC Mould has a group of experienced design teams and advanced equipment enables us to make everything well. We are committed in developing products with high precision, good rigidity, good durability and to a high technological standard.

2. You can contact us to order carbon fiber mold to produce the parts you need. MDC Mould have supplied tooling to different markets for more than 20 years including Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Spain and many more. Making a mold requires a very complicated process, mold milling is only a part of it.

How to manufacturecarbon fiber mold?

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Carbon fiber molding steps

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MDC is a leading compression mould company and a high-quality carbon fiber mold supplier. We have professional knowledge in carbon fiber molding technology. MDC manufacture molded parts for a variety of automotive, aerospace, industrial, robotic and medical applications. Our molded parts are made of 100% carbon fiber and vacuum injected with epoxy resin. Other cutting, drilling and finishing can be included as needed to provide you with complete carbon fiber parts. MDC Mould, as a professional maker of carbon fiber mold in china, has worked with many tier-one molders for Car manufacturers on carbon fiber mold projects. In the Automotive industry, MDC Mould has collaborated with Qiantu Motor company who developed a new Energy Electric Vehicle. All visible parts are based on Carbon Fiber material with Autoclave & Compression molding technology. Right now, MDC Mould has produced many molds for carbon fiber molding with the Autoclave technology, and compression molding technology.

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