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Carbon fiber, also known as graphite fiber, carbon graphite, referred to as CF (Carbon Fiber). It is a microcrystalline graphite material obtained by piling up flake graphite microcrystals and other organic fibers along the fiber axial direction, and undergoing carbonization and graphitization treatments. Carbon fiber is used in places where mechanical properties need to be improved, and can be combined with resin, ceramic, metal and other composite materials. We usually say CFRP, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, which is a composite material of carbon fiber and resin, and it is also carbon fiber in a narrow sense.

Due to the particularity of carbon fiber materials, which are generally relatively hard and lightweight, carbon fiber is currently being widely used in aircraft, high-end automotive and other industries. Although carbon fiber products are more expensive, you only need to make a high-quality carbon fiber mold to get mass production.

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How to manufacture carbon fiber mold?

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which carbon fiber mold is best?

When manufacturing carbon fiber molds or products, we will make every effort to ensure the highest quality molding process and the highest aesthetics.

Carbon fiber molding steps:

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  1. Preparations: Cutting and laying prepreg, carbon fiber mold and other supporting work, and clean up the carbon fiber mold  to avoid dust and debris residue. Then apply a release agent after ensuring that the mold is clean and smooth to prevent the product from sticking to the mold too tightly after molding. The pre-prepared carbon fiber prepregs are superimposed layer by layer and pre-compacted to form a dense solid with a regular shape.
  2. Mold filling and curing: Placing the stacked raw materials into the mold, closing the mold, applying certain pressure, temperature and setting curing time;
  3. Cooling and demolding: Cooling the mold after hot pressing treatment for a period of time to the mold, then opening the mold for demolding treatment;
  4. Processing and forming: The carbon fiber part after demolding needs to be cleaned, scrape off the remaining raw materials with a steel brush or copper brush, and polish the formed carbon fiber parts to make the surface smooth and tidy.
  5. NDT and Final Inspection: According to production requirements, measure the size and accuracy of carbon fiber parts, and carefully check for product defects.

MDC is a leading compression mould company and a high-quality carbon fiber mold supplier. We have professional knowledge in carbon fiber molding technology. MDC manufacture molded parts for a variety of automotive, aerospace, industrial, robotic and medical applications. Our molded parts are made of 100% carbon fiber and vacuum injected with epoxy resin. Other cutting, drilling and finishing can be included as needed to provide you with complete carbon fiber parts. MDC Mould, as a professional maker of carbon fiber mold in china, has worked with many tier-one molders for Car manufacturers on carbon fiber mold projects. In the Automotive industry, MDC Mould has collaborated with Qiantu Motor company who developed a new Energy Electric Vehicle. All visible parts are based on Carbon Fiber material with Autoclave & Compression molding technology. Right now, MDC Mould has produced many molds for carbon fiber molding with the Autoclave technology, and compression molding technology, include automotive interior brackets, aircraft seat panels, and aircraft seats.

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