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With the rapid development of automotive industry, Automotive moulds have become the most important part in the industry. In the future, driven by the concept of lightweight in automotive industry, the application of composite moulds will be promoted.

FRP/composite automotive parts are mainly divided into three categories: body parts, structural parts and functional parts. FRP/composite is mainly used in the following areas:

  1. 1.Auto-body part. Such as roof, frame, door and bumper.etc. This is the main direction of the application of compression mold in automotive industry. The main performance is to meet the high quality requirements of automobile appearance. Mainly glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plastic, typical molding process: "SMC molding", "BMC molding" and so on.
  2. 2.Structural part. Including underbody shield, pick up box and seat frame.ect. Its purpose is to improve the design freedom, versatility and integrity of the parts. The main material is high strength SMC, GMT and LFT.
  3. 3.Function part. Such as engine cover, battery cover, fan cover.etc. The main features of these parts are high temperature and corrosion resistance. Mostly used in engine and its peripheral parts. Mainly involved in the process are: SMC mold, BMC mold, GMT mold and so on.

MDC Mould has experienced in automotive moulds production more than 20 years, a professional team, as well as variety of high precision milling machines. Meanwhile, MDC Mould is able to provide customized automotive moulds and solution for customers, and has a QC team to control tolerance and quality. The successful case we have completed has trunk mould, bumper mould, front panel mould, door skin mould, steps, etc.

In order to improve the mould surface finishing and keep longer life, MDC Mould uses high quality imported steel to make automotive moulds.

MDC Mould introduces compression moulding technology for automotive manufacturers and has extensive experience in compression moulding of auto parts. MDC Mould Is a very professional composite mould manufacturer.We introduce new thermoplastic material like SMC, BMC etc for the interior and exterior parts, which not only reduces the energy consumption of the car, but also improves safety and comfort.

GMT materials can be used to manufacture bumper beams, instrument panel frames, engine covers, and Stone strike cover, seat frame, battery bracket, compartment floor, wheel cover, luggage rack and car roof and other vehicle parts.

Automotive parts of various sizes and shapes can be manufactured using SMC, such as:

  • Suspension parts: front and rear bumper, dashboard etc.
  • Car body parts:shell roof, floor, car door,spoiler, SMC sunshade cover,luggage cover plate, engine cover, seat, headlamp reflector.
  • Engine cover parts: air conditioner case, wind guide cover, intake pipe cover,fan ring, heater cover, water tank parts, brake system parts, battery bracket, engine noise damping pan.
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