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MDC Mould, as a professional Compression mold manufacturer in China, mainly focuses on the development and manufacturing of SMC compression molds. With years of cooperation with OEM and tier-one SMC molding factories, the standards of SMC molds manufactured by MDC Mould fully meet the requirements of European and American customers. At present, SMC compression molds we develop mainly involve automotive, electrical appliances, sanitary ware, aerospace and rail transportation, such as compression seat molds on fast train, SMC front panels, etc.

Compared with the traditional plastic seat molds, SMC seat molds have too many advantages. For example, the seats molded by SMC mold have accurate dimensions and small shrinkage; high impact strength; corrosion resistance; fire protection, insulation High performance. In terms of the molding process, SMC seat molds are made of composite materials, with short molding time and low defective rate, suitable for mass production.

Compression molded seats are usually assembled from multiple parts. From the initial part design, MDC Mould provides customers with complete solutions, such as product wall thickness distribution, product Anti-shrink design, and proposal of product assembly design. etc. Before starting making compression mold, MDC Mould technical team will make an SMC mold feasibility analysis on the optimized product and provide customers with a solution report, such as how to design radius on the product? How to avoid sharp edge in compression mold? How to design heating channel in compression mold? Optimize ejection system, etc.

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