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Compression molding is a molding process characterized by the use of heated molds under pressure. Like other molding processes, it involves placing materials that are usually plastic or polymer-like into the mold cavity. After the material has hardened, remove it from the cavity.

As China compression mold company, MDC Mould provides various compression molding solutions, has the molding technology of SMC, BMC, GMT, LFT, carbon fiber..., and provide complete compression mold design services and manufacture.

Overview of Compression Molding

Compression molding is a method of adding a premix or prepreg to a mold and molding a composite material product by heating and pressing, which belongs to high-pressure molding. The equipment used is mainly a press, which is divided into a mechanical type and a hydraulic type. At present, the hydraulic type is mainly used. According to the different impregnation methods of the matrix and the reinforcing material in the molding material, the molding process can be divided into two categories: one is that the resin and the reinforcement are added to the cavity at the same time, which is called wet compression molding; the other is that the resin has been combined with Reinforcement materials are mixed and impregnated to prepare molding materials, which are directly added to the mold cavity during molding, which is called dry or semi-dry molding. Most compression molding uses a dry or semi-dry process. The molding process of compression molding is to first put the composite material or molded material into the mold, and after the mold is closed by the press, the molded material is heated and plasticized in the mold cavity, flows under pressure and fills the mold cavity, and then cooled and demolded to obtain the product.

This process is suitable for molding a variety of molding materials, such as short fiber molding material, sheet molding compound (SMC), bulk molding compound (BMC), prepreg, glass fiber felt reinforced thermoplastic sheet (GMT), long fiber thermoplastic pellets (LFT-G), etc.

Benefits of Compression Molding

The molding method has the advantages of a high degree of automation, high production efficiency, low cost, and is suitable for mass production. The molded products have good appearance and high dimensional accuracy, but require high quality of the mold, and the size and shape of the parts are limited. The process is widely used in automotive, electrical, and architectural fields, such as automotive hoods, automotive door panels, electrical equipment housings, and building templates.

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