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The bumper of a car is an accessory (consumable part) of the body part, which is located at the front of the car (called the front bumper) and the rear of the car (called the rear bumper). At present, there are many materials for automobile bumpers on the market, including plastic bumpers and SMC bumpers. Bumpers are one of the most important exterior parts of automotive. The bumper must have sufficient strength and rigidity to play a buffering role in an automotive collision.

SMC bumper itself requires the following functions:

  1. (1) Protect related parts in low speed collision
  2. (2) Pedestrian protection in accidents
  3. (3) Aerodynamics
  4. (4) beautification and decoration.

With the continuous reform of the automobile industry, more and more automobile bumpers are made of SMC glass fiber reinforced plastic. One-time molding SMC bumper does not require secondary processing, high precision of pressing effect, short molding cycle, strong and stable, resulting in beautiful and safe. SMC compression mould are more suitable for automotive use than injection moulds. SMC has better collision resistance than plastic, and at the same time, it has a long service life.

MDC mould specializes in the production of various types of SMC bumper moulds and their auxiliary parts. MDC supplies SMC bumper mould to global automakers and has extensive experience in bumper moulding. MDC Mould has been providing SMC front bumper mould and SMC rear bumper mould for different automakers. MDC Mould continuously optimizes the design of bumper mould and introduces advanced technology of automotive mould to meet the customer's surface requirements and productivity requirements for bumper moulds.

SMC car bumper moulding steps:
1) Prepare raw materials (resin, glass cloth, gel coat, curing agent, accelerator);
2) The main production process is:

  1. a. Mold preparation: find the corresponding style of automobile bumper mold, install the mold on the 2000-ton four-column hydraulic press, and heat the mold for use;
  2. b. Prepare the smc sheet: slice the smc sheet for load bearing;
  3. c. Processing SMC bumper: After the mold is heated to the specified temperature, put all the weighed smc sheets into the bumper mold for heating, melting and curing. After the specified time, the mold is raised and the semi-finished product is taken out. Bumper;
  4. d. Deburring: remove excess burrs to prevent accidental injury during handling.

3) After the finished product is formed, it will be put into storage and waiting for delivery.

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