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What are the advantages and disadvantages of compression molding

Join Date: 2020-01-16

Compression molding (also called compression moulding) is a method in which powdery, granular or fibrous plastic is first put into the mold cavity at the molding temperature, and then the mold is closed and pressurized to form and solidify it. Molding can also be used for thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic plastics and rubber materials. Compression Moulding is widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, electricity, chemical industry, construction, machinery and other fields. As a China compression mold supplier, MDC combines more than 20 years of compression molding experience with the latest compression molding technology to benefit our customers. MDC also fully understands that what are the advantages and disadvantages of compression molding.

compression molding

Advantages of compression molding:

  1. (1)The loss of raw materials is small and will not cause too much loss (usually 2%~5% of the product quality).
  2. (2)The internal stress of the product is very low, the warping deformation is also very small, and the mechanical properties are relatively stable.
  3. (3)The wear of the mold cavity is very small and the maintenance cost of the mold is low.
  4. (4)The cost of the molding equipment is lower, the mold structure is simpler, multiple cavities can be produced at lower cost, and the manufacturing cost is usually lower than that of the injection mold.
  5. (5)It can be used to form large flat products. The size of products that can be molded by mold pressing is determined by the mold clamping force of the mold pressing machine and the size of the mold plate.
  6. (6)Molds with a large number of cavities can be placed on a certain template to improve productivity. Automatic production can be realized through automatic feeding and automatic taking out of products.
  7. (7)This can form a uniform part without any trace. The surface is smooth without secondary modification. The product has high dimensional accuracy and small shrinkage.
  8. (8)It can be produced in batch with relatively low price.
  9. (9)it can make very complex parts. Although the technology can't quite reach the production speed of plastic injection molding, it does offer more geometry than typical laminate composites.
  10. (10)It also allows for longer fibers than plastic injection molding, making the material stronger. Therefore, compression mould can be regarded as the intermediate zone between plastic injection molding and laminate composite manufacturing.

Disadvantages of compression molding:

  1. (1)The whole molding cycle is long and the efficiency is low. The time required to start and repeat the operation sequence is between 1-6 minutes.
  2. (2)At present, it is not suitable for molding complex products with depressions, side slopes or small holes.
  3. (3)When burrs occur, they must be trimmed manually, which will not only reduce productivity, but also increase labor costs and material waste.
  4. (4)The disadvantages of compression molding are that the mold manufacturing is complicated, the investment is large, and the compression machine is limited, which is most suitable for mass production of small and medium composite products.
  5. (5)For thermosetting plastics, when the molded products have slight defects, they are often unable to be recycled, which requires high mold surface and material filling requirements.

Based on this, MDC mold is very skilled in compression mould technology, at the same time, MDC can design, produce, manufacture molding mold. For compression mould, MDC has mastered and innovated the molding process, analyzing material properties and product requirements, and taking into account applied pressure, temperature, time and other factors to ensure that the material flows evenly in the mold cavity and fills the mold to achieve the perfect product.

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