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Advantages of carbon fiber mold

Join Date: 2022-06-17

Carbon fiber mold (CF for short) is a new type of fiber mold material with high strength and high modulus, which contains more than 95% carbon. It is made of flake graphite microcrystalline organic fibers stacked along the axial direction of the fiber, after carbonization and graphitization treatment of microcrystalline stone ink material.

Carbon fiber mold "soft outside and rigid inside", the quality is lighter than metal aluminum, but the strength is higher than steel, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high modulus, is an important material in national defense and civil aspects. It not only has the inherent characteristics of carbon material, but also has the softness and workability of textile fiber. It is a new generation of reinforced fiber.

Carbon fiber mold is the reinforcing mold material of advanced composite materials, which has a series of advantages such as light weight, high strength, high modulus, chemical corrosion resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient.

carbon fiber mold

1.carbon fiber mold light, high strength, high modulus

The density of carbon fiber is 1.6-2.5g/cm3, and the tensile strength of carbon fiber is above 2.2gpa. Therefore, it has high specific strength and specific modulus, which is 7 times higher than the specific strength of the vast majority of metals, and the specific modulus is more than 5 times of metals. Because of this advantage, its composite materials can be widely used in aerospace, automotive industry, sports equipment and so on.

2.carbon fiber mold thermal expansion coefficient is small

The thermal expansion coefficient of most carbon fiber molds is negative (-0.5 ~ -1.6) ×10-6/K indoors, zero at 200-400 ℃ and 1.5×10-6/K at less than 1000℃. The expansion coefficient of the composite material made by it is relatively stable and can be used as a standard weighing instrument.

3.carbon fiber mold good thermal conductivity

Generally inorganic and organic materials have poor thermal conductivity, but carbon fiber is close to steel. It can be used as solar collector material and heat conduction shell material with uniform heat transfer.

4.carbon fiber mold corrosion resistance and good chemical properties

From its composition, carbon fiber is almost pure carbon, which is one of the most stable elements. It is stable to acids, bases and organic chemicals in addition to strong oxidizing acids, and can be made into a variety of chemical preservatives. China has been engaged in this aspect of application research, with the future carbon fiber price continues to reduce, its application will be more and more wide.

5.carbon fiber mold good wear resistance

Carbon fibre, which rarely wears when rubbed against metal, is used to replace asbestos in the advanced friction material used in brake pads for aircraft and cars.

6.carbon fiber mold has good high temperature resistance

Carbon fiber is very stable below 400℃, and does not change much even at 1000℃. The high temperature resistance of composites mainly depends on the heat resistance of the matrix. The long-term heat resistance of resin matrix composites is only about 300℃, and the high temperature resistance of ceramic matrix, carbon matrix and metal matrix composites can match the carbon fiber itself. Therefore, as high temperature resistant materials, carbon fiber composites are widely used in aerospace industry.

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