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MDC Mould attend composite European

Join Date: 2019-08-29

MDC Mould's technical team attended the Composites Europe Exhibition 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. MDC Mould has participated in this exhibition for many years, Though the global economic downturn has led to the difficult progress of manufacturing, With the deepening of the concept of automobile lightweight and the continuous embodiment of many advantages of composite products, MDC Mould is still full of confidence in the composite tooling industry, and the rapid development of composite industry will be used in more and more extensive industries.

Composites Europe Exhibition 2018 - 1

During the exhibition, MDC had in-depth face-to-face communications with experts in the composite industry. Since 2015, the European composite market has continued to grow, with the largest segment (fiberglass / GRP) growing by 2%, exceeding the expectations of some operators. Germany, the United Kingdom, the Irish and Eastern European countries have a steady growth in growth rates above the European average, while the demand for growth is mainly from two industries: transport and construction. MDC also has a clear view that the positive contribution of the auto industry to the composite manufacturer and the supplier is outstanding, with the greatest benefit of the thermoplastic material.

Composites Europe Exhibition 2018 - 2
Through this exhibition, MDC has seen the rapid development of the European composite material, Germany accounts for 40% of Europe's composite production, MDC meets some of the old cooperation customers during the exhibition.

MDC Mould got great affirmation in the development, manufacture and after-sales service of composite mould from our customers. MDC has the confidence to open a wider market in the German composite field.

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