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Why is SMC distribution box mold more popular?

Join Date: 2022-09-13

SMC distribution box mold box body components are made of SMC by high temperature molding, and the entire box body is assembled by ring-joint of various functional components. It has high manufacturing precision, compact structure and convenient assembly. And designed with unique rain and ventilation functions.


Distribution boxes are generally used in substations (stations) in various environments, industrial and mining enterprises, and outdoor public places such as urban roads, residential quarters, and high-rise buildings. It is especially suitable for use in highly corrosive plant areas such as petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, and mines, as well as in coastal areas, ships (ships) and other places with high salt fog. It is an ideal product in future urban construction, new countryside and new town construction!

distribution box

Therefore, the editor has sorted out the advantages of SMC distribution box molds for you.

1. High dielectric strength

The SMC mold used has high performance insulation resistance and breakdown voltage, can maintain good dielectric properties at high frequencies, does not reflect, does not produce microwave transmission, and does not produce rust, suitable for crowded or narrow local long-term use.

2. High temperature resistance

Because SMC is molded under high temperature and high pressure, it is more resistant to high temperature.

3. Corrosion resistance, long use time

SMC mold has excellent chemical corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties, and can effectively resist the corrosion of weak acid, weak alkali, salt spray and rain. Coupled with the anti-ultraviolet treatment on the surface, the cabinet is more durable, with a service life of more than 20 years.

4. Easy to install and transport

SMC mold adopts plate structure combination, modular installation, convenient transportation, simple installation, and can be assembled or disassembled on site.

5. Material Safety

SMC material does not contain harmful substances such as halogen and phosphorus, which the technical requirements of environmental protection and is an excellent environmental protection material.

6. Insulation, anti-condensation

The thermal deformation rate of SMC material is low. Compared with metal material, it can reduce the influence of environmental temperature difference on the inside of the box, and can reduce condensation and frost.

7. Beautiful appearance and anti-theft

The surface of the SMC composite floor-mounted power distribution cabinet is designed with diamond-shaped protrusions, which have the function of preventing small advertisements from sticking. And the shape is unique and beautiful, beautifying the urban environment. Since the SMC composite material is a thermosetting composite material and its recycling value is low, it can effectively prevent the theft of the floor-mounted power distribution cabinet shell.

After the above introduction, I believe that everyone knows its advantages. MDC mold is a professional manufacturer of SMC distribution box molds. If you have any needs, please contact us!

Let's get started on your new project!

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