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“Metallography” of Composite Materials

Join Date: 2023-03-04

Although composites and alloys are both composed of two or more materials, they differ in that composites are usually composed of different types of materials that combine to form a new material properties; alloys are composed of the same or different metal elements, and their composition can be adjusted to change their properties. But for the latter, usually there will be no obvious changes in material properties like composite materials.

Metallography is an important branch of metal materials science, also known as metal microhistology. Observing the microstructure of metal materials through a microscope reveals the properties and behavior of metal materials. Metallography has important application value in the preparation, processing and use of metal materials. Metallographic analysis can provide strong support for material design and performance optimization.


Photos of metal Cr and Co under microscope

Composite materials have an analysis method similar to metallography called tissue analysis or composite microhistology. Similar to metallographic analysis, tissue analysis is to observe the microstructure of composite material samples through a microscope.

The key to high-end manufacturing lies in materials. That is to say, through tissue analysis, to study the internal structure of composite materials, so as to optimize the performance, in order to manufacture better molds.

For example, fillers can be used to increase some of the final physical or mechanical properties of the SMC mould. The most commonly used filler is calcium carbonate. Extracted from ground limestone, they reduce manufacturing costs, but in turn, they increase the specific gravity of the produced parts. Alumina can make SMC molds have good dielectric properties, while hollow glass microspheres can significantly reduce the specific gravity of SMC components.


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