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Why are more and more door skin molds using SMC molds?

Join Date: 2022-08-24

As we all know, doors are everywhere in our lives, and they are also very important. Door refers to the entrance and exit of a building or a device installed at the entrance and exit that can be opened and closed. A door is an entity that divides a limited space. Its function is to connect and close the entrance and exit of two or more spaces.

In the prior art, the interior doors are mostly solid wood composite paint baking doors, using solid wood finger-jointed wood as the frame, the door core is various filling materials, the surface layer is pasted with a wooden surface layer, and the paint treatment is performed. Three times of primer and four times of topcoat, each time the paint is applied, it will be sent to the dust-free constant temperature baking room for baking. Therefore, the entire production period from production to finished product will take 25 to 30 days, and the door will be numb. Points or bad blocks, and this kind of door also has many shortcomings, such as not enough environmental protection, high formaldehyde content, poor waterproof and so on.

Because of the above shortcomings of traditional door furniture, more and more door skin molds use SMC molds. What are the advantages of SMC molds? We will answer the following points.

1. High thermal performance.

2. Difficult to resist shock.

3. Color finishes available.

4. Minimize scratches.

As a professional smc door skin mould manufacturer in China, MDC Mould is able to provide complete solutions from design, mould making, texture, sandblasting, etc. according to customer requirements. Welcome to consult!


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