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Join Date: 2022-12-26

In this issue, I would like to share with you a lighthearted little story.

Xiao Li's house is being renovated recently, and most of the structural materials have been determined, but he is very troubled about the bathroom.

His needs are quite simple: it can meet the basic requirements of bathing, washing clothes, and washing. It is environmentally friendly and clean, and the cost is not too high. It is best to use it for a long time.

But after looking at it for several days, he didn't see anything satisfactory.

On this day, the decorator was about to start construction in the bathroom, so he asked, "Xiao Li, what material do we use for this bathroom?"

Xiao Li showed melancholy, and said: "Ah, Master Liu, I have been looking at it for several days, but I haven't found a suitable material for the bathroom. There are too many materials on the market, such as artificial stone, resin glass, stainless steel, natural stone, etc. Solid wood, acrylic, etc., I'm almost confused!"

smc mould

Master Liu smiled, and then replied: "You should have said it earlier! I have recently renovated several houses, and now it is popular to use SMC materials for the overall decoration of bathrooms in the market!"

Xiao Li was very curious: "What is SMC material?"

"SMC material is a dry sheet prepreg composed of resin, low-shrinkage additives, fillers, curing agents, thickeners, release agents and reinforcing fibers." Master Liu replied, "It doesn't matter if you don't understand this material. , you just need to know the benefits of using it as a bathroom!"

So Xiao Li asked: "What are the benefits of using SMC materials for bathroom?"

Master Liu talked eloquently: "The SMC material is light in weight, and the weight of the parts is reduced when the strength is satisfied. It is much more convenient to install, and it is very environmentally friendly, resistant to high temperature, not easy to corrode, and has a long service life. The most important thing is The cost is very low, so there are a lot of SMC mold products on the market now, such as SMC washbasin molds, SMC bathtub molds, SMC laundry sink molds, etc., have already used this material!"

Xiao Li said: "This material is very suitable for my requirements. Master Liu, I will use SMC molds for the bathroom in my house!"

Master Liu responded with a smile: "Okay!"

MDC has rich experience in designing and manufacturing SMC molds, and is also good at manufacturing SMC bathroom molds. We provide almost all bathroom series molds. Please see our molds. If you have an order, please contact us.

smc mould

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