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During the production of SMC molds, it is unavoidable to generate pollutants such as waste water and waste gas. The threat to the environment and human health caused by the discharge of these waste materials cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out environmental protection technologies such as waste water treatment, waste gas treatment and resource recovery.

waste water treatment

Waste water treatment refers to a technology that removes or transforms harmful substances in waste water to meet discharge standards. During the production of SMC molds, the waste water mainly contains harmful substances such as resins, solid particles, chemicals, and oils. We have three ways. Physical treatment mainly uses filtration, precipitation, membrane separation and other methods to remove solid particles and grease in wastewater; chemical treatment mainly uses oxidation, reduction, precipitation and other methods to chemically transform harmful substances in wastewater; biological treatment mainly uses microorganisms to degrade and transform harmful substances in waste water. After it, the harmful substances in the wastewater are removed or transformed to meet the discharge standards required by environmental protection, which can reduce environmental pollution.

Waste water treatment

waste gas treatment

Exhaust gas treatment refers to a technology that removes or transforms harmful substances in exhaust gas to meet emission standards. During the production of SMC molds, the exhaust gas mainly contains harmful substances such as volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides. The methods of exhaust gas treatment also mainly include physical, chemical and biological treatment.

resource recovery

In addition to processing, we can also recycle useful substances in waste materials. In the production process of SMC molds, resins and solid particles in waste water can be recovered by precipitation, filtration and other methods; volatile organic compounds in waste gas can be recycled by pyrolysis and other methods, and resources such as heavy metals in waste water and waste gas can also be recovered. It can be recycled by physical and chemical treatment and other methods.

For SMC mold manufacturers, it is necessary to establish waste water treatment systems, waste gas treatment systems and resource recovery systems to promote the sustainable development of the mold industry.

In the process of continuous research and development of higher-quality, higher-tech molded SMC molds, MDC Mould also pays attention to environmental protection and contributes to sustainable development.

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