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MDC Mould is a mold company in China, as a high quality Chinese Compression Molding supplier & manufacturer, The experience of mold design and manufacture spans many industries including Sanitary&Kitchenware, Automotive, Electrical, Transportation, SMC door skin, etc.

MDC Mould is familiar with various composite molding technologies and has produced various Fiberglass mold such as SMC, BMC, GMT, LFT, etc, and the design, produce, manufacture of carbon mold.

1.SMC thermosetting resin technology (sheet molding composite), BMC (bulk molding composite) and thermosetting resin have the following advantages: excellent dimensional stability even at high temperatures. It has high mechanical and electrical performance and high portability. Good atmospheric resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardants;
2.Thermoplastic resin technology: GMT (glass reinforced thermoplastic material), glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic material be used for structural or semi-structural parts of automobiles; Lft (long fiber thermoplastic), glass long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material has good light efficiency and sound absorption characteristics;
3.Carbon fiber technology: high strength and high modulus fiber with carbon content over 90%. High temperature resistance is the best one among all chemical fibers. Acrylic fiber and viscose fiber are used as raw materials, and be made by oxidized and carbonized at high temperature. It is an excellent material for manufacturing high-tech equipment such as aerospace and aviation.

As a professional compression mold company in china, what are the advantages of MDC mould on technology?
1. MDC mould has Germany Speck mold oil heating equipment with a power of 150 kilowatts, a flow rate of 1050L per minute and a maximum pressure of 6Kgf/ c㎡. Generally, it is difficult for mold factories to heat large molds during mold testing. MDC mould can heat the mold to 145 degrees in 3-5 hours. The mold testing time can be shortened. At the same time, there can be high-speed and high-pressure flow to equalize the mold temperature so that customers can judge the defects of the sample.
2. MDC mould purchased Welch vacuum exhaust pump in the United States. While we are developing SMC products with high surface requirements, the company uses vacuum exhaust on the mold. We can exhaust the air in the mold for 1-2 seconds while the mold is pressed down. At the same time, we use Germany's silicone sealing strip, which can last 10,000 time.
3. While developing SMC auto parts, MDC mould adopts in-mold spraying technology according to customer's requirements to integrate the product production process.
4. MDC mould has a perfect development system of SMC compression mold for automobiles. From the early stage of product development, MDC mould used large-scale product development and design software to complete 3D data. Designers collectively studied and analyzed the structure of the product to determine the rationality of the mold structure. Then, the mold was manufactured through PowerMill precise numerical control processing.
5. We have the largest 4000T hydraulic pressing machine, which can provide customers with testing and production of large-scale projects!

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No.35-1 Qingfeng Rd, Huangyan North Industrial estate, Taizhou, Zhejiang, china 318020;

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