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The application of SMC in the whole bathroom

Join Date: 2022-09-16

In 1964, in order to ensure high quality and quickly complete the construction of a large number of athletes' apartments for the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese invented the integrated bathroom that can be assembled on site. As early as 1990, the integrated bathroom was introduced into China, and domestic hotels, hospitals, ships, and fast-installed rooms have used the integrated bathroom in a large number. With the increasing popularity of well-decorated houses and the introduction of national policies for industrialized, low-carbon and environmentally friendly houses, it is believed that the integrated bathroom will definitely enter every family in China.


When the concept of integral bathroom was first introduced to China, it referred to a "plastic box". In the early days, because the living environment was very crowded, all integral bathrooms had to be placed in a small space of one or two square meters, so the so-called SMC molding appeared. The overall bathroom, its whole is mainly because its molded chassis is integral, with the function of waterproof and leak-proof.

The advantages of SMC integral bathroom mold

1. No water leakage:SMC molds are formed under the condition of high pressure and high temperature applied by a large press, without waterproofing or plastering cement, which completely eliminates the leakage hidden danger of traditional bathrooms.

2. Reliable quality:factory-like production, eliminating the influence of factors that are considered on the site on the construction quality.

3. Dry construction, simple and fast:on-site assembly, improved efficiency, two workers only need to install one set in one day, effectively shortening the construction period.

4. Environmental protection and safety:Using high-grade environmental protection materials, SMC molds do not pollute the environment during production and assembly, and no construction waste is generated.

5. Super long durability, lifetime service:SMC material is durable for more than 20 years.

In the bathroom industry, molds are usually called bathroom molds. A monolithic bathroom is a monolithic frame consisting of an integrated waterproof chassis wall panel and top panel, complete with a bathtub, sink, faucet, shower, tiles and other bathroom accessories. A self-contained sanitary unit for multiple functions such as washing, bathing, grooming and toilet in a limited space. Moulds are the most important tool for producing overall bathroom products. The quality of the mold directly affects the quality and cost of the product. Therefore, the design and manufacture of molds have become a very important part of modern bathrooms.

SMC sink mould Washing basin mould

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