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What is the advantages and applications of the SMC distribution box mold?

Join Date: 2023-02-16

The body components of the SMC distribution box mold are formed by high-temperature molding with SMC, and the entire box is assembled from various functional components. It has high manufacturing precision, compact structure and is convenient to assemble. And it is designed with unique rain-proof and ventilation functions.


①SMC distribution box mold has very good electrical properties. The insulation index, dielectric strength, leakage resistance, tracking index, and aging resistance index are all very good. And it has very strong mechanical properties. With the incomparable safety performance that the traditional metal box doesn’t have, even if the line inside the box fails or it is damaged by external impact, the box will no be charged, especially suitable for densely populated areas without protective nets;

②The SMC distribution box mold is molded under high temperature and high pressure. So it has high strength, high modulus and good impact resistance;

③The weight of the distribution box made of SMC material can be 1/3 lighter than the metal box of the same specification, thus replacing the metal box, which can save a lot of metal resources;

④SMC distribution box mold has excellent electrical insulation, which ensures the safety of indoor and outdoor use;

⑤SMC distribution box mold has excellent chemical corrosion resistance and anti-aging performance, which makes it effectively resistant to the corrosion of weak acid, weak alkali, salt spray and rainwater;

⑥In addition, the anti-ultraviolet treatment on the surface makes the cabinet more durable, thus making its service life more than 20 years;

⑦The SMC distribution box adopts a box body with a plate-type combined assembly structure, which has high precision and is easy to install. Flexible combinations can meet the needs of various spaces. The protection level can easily reach IP44D or even IP65 (water-proof box);

⑧The thermal insulation performance of the SMC material itself, combined with the special structural design and ventilation configuration, makes it effective in prevent condensation and frost inside the box;

⑨SMC materials do not contain harmful substances such as halogens and phosphorus, which meet the technical requirements of environmental protection. So SMC materials are excellent environmental protection materials;

⑩It performs well in anti-theft. The poor reusability of SMC materials and the three-point locking of the box make it difficult for thieves to patronize;

⑪Compact structure, beautiful appearance design and natural color, harmonious and beautiful, no light pollution.


SMC distribution box molds are used in power systems with rated frequency 50/60HZ and rated voltage 220V/380V, and are used for power distribution and control of lighting and power distribution equipment. It is suitable for various harsh environments and outdoor public places such as substations, industrial and mining enterprises, urban roads, residential quarters, high-rise buildings, and airports. It is especially suitable for use in severely corrosive factories such as petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, and mines, as well as places with high salt spray such as coastal areas, islands, and ships. In the future urban construction, industrial construction, new countryside and new town construction, it is the most ideal first choice product.

smc distribution box

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