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The Application of SMC Mould in the Front Panel of Foton Daimler Automobile

Join Date: 2022-08-26

The editor has introduced the introduction and production process of SMC molds before. SMC molds are used in many fields. Today, I will mainly talk about its application in automobiles. Then take the SMC front panel mold recently manufactured for Foton Daimler as For example!

Let's first understand the role of the car front panel mold!

1. It can play the role of spoiler, and to a certain extent, it can beautify the engine compartment. At the same time, it can also isolate the noise generated by the engine during operation and improve the driving comfort.

2. It can play the function of dustproof and reduce dust on the engine. Moreover, many wires and managements in the engine compartment are exposed outside, and the weather is exposed to the wind, sun, rain and wind all year round, and the aging speed is very fast. If there is this front panel, it can play a good protective role and delay the use time;

3. can play a role in sound insulation. In addition to wind noise and tire noise, the biggest source of noise is engine noise, and the front panel can play a good role in sound insulation.


Usually, most of the materials used in the front panel of automobiles are metal materials, steel plates, carbon fibers, aluminum, reinforced plastics, etc., and these materials have shortcomings such as easy aging, poor compressive performance, and poor heat dissipation. Therefore, SMC materials have been continuously used in the market. , used to make automotive front panel molds. SMC molds have many advantages, such as good compressive performance, light weight but high strength, easy heat dissipation, etc. It has been proved that SMC molds are more suitable for applications in automobile manufacturing.


We are proud to manufacture SMC front panel molds for Foton Daimler, which we build with a Class A finish. From design to mold shipment to customer, the MDC team took less than 10 weeks. For such an outstanding achievement, the Foton Daimler team highly appreciates our work and tooling.

In addition to rich experience and cases in SMC molds, MDC is also quite effective in the design, development and manufacture of FRP molds such as BMC molds, GMT molds, LFT molds, and hot-pressing molds such as carbon fiber molds. If you have needs, please contact us!

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