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Carbon fiber mould manufacturer in China

Join Date: 2022-12-20

MDC is an excellent manufacturer of compression molds and carbon fiber molds, especially experienced in the design and manufacture of SMC molds, we can provide one-step solutions from conceptual design to FOT samples.

carbon fiber mould manufacture

Some people know MDC because we are a professional compression mold manufacturer in SMC mould, BMC mould, GMT mould and LFT mould forming process technology, but in fact carbon fiber mould is also our core business in recent years.

When manufacturing carbon fiber molds or products, every effort is made to ensure the highest quality molding workmanship and the highest aesthetics.

1. The first is the design of the carbon fiber mould. The parting surface of the mould is an important factor in determining the structure of the mould. The mould structure can be semi-closed. The mould consists of upper and lower moulds (that is, female and male molds) and cores.

2. In order to successfully eject the carbon fiber part from the cavity intact, a reasonable ejection mechanism is critical.

3. Ensure the airtightness of the carbon fiber mould. In the vacuum process, the adhesion of carbon fiber can be made tighter, and the quality of the product can be guaranteed.

4. There is a certain heating device, which can heat the mould to a certain temperature (60-120°C), the temperature distribution of the mould is even, and the temperature can be detected and adjusted.

For more details, you can contact our experts.

carbon fiber mould

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