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Excellent application of SMC moulds on blind roads

Join Date: 2023-02-04

When it comes to the blind road, I believe that most people will not feel unfamiliar, because we will find that we can often see its existence in life. In this world, not everyone can be lucky, with healthy limbs and a healthy body. There are always a group of people who are different, and their world is less bright and colorful. The blind road can be said to be a little warmth for them, making them feel the care of the society.

Turning back to the topic of the blind road, what kind of existence does it have, so that the blind can distinguish other roads? You can take a look at the picture below.

SMC Mould - Blind Road

Features of the blind path: The blind path is generally paved by two types of bricks, one is strip-shaped guiding bricks, which guide the blind to move forward with confidence, which is called the walking blind path; A turn is called a prompt blind road. The blind road with yellow protruding stripes looks like the static eyes of the blind. It is paved on the sidewalk of the road and set up for the convenience of the blind. Bricks with special shapes and bright yellow colors are achieved by using the sense of feet of the blind and the principle of assisting sensation of tactile bricks.

At present, there are various materials for blind walkways, among which cement, stainless steel, plastic and so on are common. Among them, the price of cement tactile bricks is relatively cheap. This kind of tactile bricks is made of cement. There are many holes in the brick body and high water absorption, but the compressive strength is low and the service life is short; The bricks are thin, easy to deform, and the surface is smooth after a long time of use, which is likely to cause safety hazards to pedestrians; while plastic plastic tactile paving bricks are plastic products, the bricks are thin, not resistant to rolling, easy to crack and deform, and have a long service life short.

Today we are going to mention the blind roads made of SMC materials. To sum up, the blind roads made of other materials have more or less shortcomings, but the blind roads made of SMC moulds have other materials that cannot be compared. The advantages. It has light weight, good strength and toughness, excellent drainage performance, safety and environmental protection, long service life, low production and maintenance costs, can realize mass production, and is widely used in the laying of blind roads and road warning lines.

Blind road construction cannot be ignored, it is a kind of humanistic care, SMC mould is the best choice for pedestrian blind road. At present, MDC Mould already has advanced technology and rich experience in using SMC moulds to produce blind roads, and has been widely used in the market. Welcome to communicate with relevant industries and look forward to our cooperation!

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