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Mri is not strange to most people, in the hospital, we can often see it, for ordinary people, it is huge, is to check the health of each part of the human body is a kind of instrument.

From the official definition of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) is a kind of use of the latest new technology of medical imaging principle of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), with many imaging parameters, scanning speed, high resolution, organization and the image clearer, can help doctors to "see" is not easy to detect early pathological changes, has become a tumor, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease early screening tool.

So what's the material that makes the big shell of an MRI, which could be used for medical purposes? Can realize the shell hardness is strong at the same time take into account light?

Yes, we are going to mention our SMC moulding today, I believe that through the previous understanding, we have a deep understanding of the SMC moulding itself has the characteristics! SMC moulding products generally have the advantages of rigidity, deformation resistance, large temperature range, lightweight and high strength. Therefore, NMR also began to widely used "SMC" mold, by everyone's welcome and recognition.

MDC Mould has cooperated with international manufacturers in aerospace, automobile, truck, high-speed rail, medical and other fields, and obtained their recognition and authorization licenses. Provide solutions to customers in composite material application, and provide feasibility analysis and technical support to customers in new product development. Today we talk about nuclear magnetic resonance, Dacheng mold is very experienced in the production of this aspect, welcome to contact!

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