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SMC doors are currently a popular item among residential doors in the United States. This fifth-generation door and window product, which is called after wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic, is showing its strength in the American market. Usually the price of SMC door is 30%-40% cheaper than wooden door, so it is gradually replacing steel and wooden door.

The advantages of SMC molded doors include:

  • 1) Save natural wood resources, the appearance is comparable to doors made of natural wood, and even more elegant and gorgeous;
  • 2) Water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and long service life;
  • 3) Thermal insulation, flame retardant;
  • 4) Light weight (lighter than wooden doors), convenient transportation and installation;
  • 5) Not afraid of termites and mice.

MDC has 4000T moulding press and large-size SMC mould development experience, and can mould larger flat products such as SMC door and SMC door skin. These SMC door moulds have been provided sandblasting, wood texture, as well as hard chroming.

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