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SMC water tank is also called SMC storage tank, SMC panel tanks. SMC water tank can meet a variety of water storage needs. At the same time, because SMC is stable and non-toxic, it is also used in drinking water storage. In addition, MDC has also developed chemical fuel storage tanks for underground applications. Small water tanks are usually a whole, and more water tanks are usually formed by splicing SMC panels. The volume of the SMC glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank can be freely combined as needed, from 1-1000 cubic meters can be realized, and the scalability is good.

The raw material of the SMC water tank-resin sheet, the quality of the raw material plays a key role in the production of the SMC water tank. MDC has a press of up to 4000T, which can guarantee the density of the SMC water tank under this pressure, thereby ensuring the quality of the product. When the material block enters the cavity, the press moves down. When the upper and lower moulds coincide, slowly apply the required moulding pressure, and after a certain curing time, the moulding ends. During the moulding process, the moulding process parameters and press operating conditions should be selected reasonably

MDC's high-precision mould manufacturing technology ensures the tightness of your water tank. At the same time, the perfect polishing effect of the mould can avoid the accumulation of dirt inside the water tank and reduce the cleaning pressure. MDC is an expert in composite materials. In addition to helping you produce SMC water tank mould or washing tank mould, MDC will also select fillers reasonably according to your use environment to obtain a longer service life.

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