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SMC cable bracket mold

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SMC cable bracket mold

With the rapid development of economy, the requirements for city beautification and power supply security are increasing day by day. Therefore, cable tunnels and cable trenches have also become the main channels of power supply in the city. For a long time, the installation of cables has been made of Angle iron cable brackets. Angle brackets are usually made of Angle profiles assembled by welding or fasteners. The traditional Angle steel support production process has high energy consumption.

With the continuous expansion of cable into the ground in the process of urban power network transformation, the power system has put forward higher requirements on the performance and economic benefits of cable supports.

In view of the traditional material of the cable bracket in the future power system will produce more problems in the use of the shortcomings, we will introduce the new material of the cable bracket - SMC cable bracket.

SMC cable bracket has the following advantages:

  1. ①High insulation
  2. ②Good mechanical properties
  3. ③corrosion resistance
  4. ④Good flame retardant
  5. ⑤High reliability
  6. ⑥Long service life

Compared with the traditional cable bracket material, SMC cable bracket mold has obvious advantages, which is the development trend of the application of power bracket in the power system.

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