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In life, distribution box we can often see, then you have thought about our daily distribution box is made of what material?

Distribution box has the characteristics of small volume, easy installation, special technical performance, fixed position, unique configuration function, free from site restrictions, more common application, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization rate, less occupation and environmental protection effect. Because it is widely used, the choice of its material is more important.

SMC distribution box is now more and more popular in the market, what is the reason?

  1. fully insulated use safety: SMC composite power distribution box has high performance insulation resistance and breakdown voltage, can prevent leakage accidents, at high frequency can maintain good dielectric properties, do not reflect, block the spread of microwave, suitable for use in crowded or narrow places, avoid box electric shock phenomenon.
  2. corrosion resistance: SMC material has good corrosion resistance, can effectively resist water, gasoline, alcohol, electrolytic salt, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium and potassium compound urine, asphalt, various acid and alkali soil and acid rain corrosion.
  3. anti-aging: SMC material has good anti-aging performance, the surface of the product has a layer of uv resistance ability strong protective layer, double protection to make it has higher anti-aging performance, suitable for all kinds of bad weather, can be used for a long time in -50℃ - +80℃ environment. Protection level IP44.
  4. impact resistance: three-dimensional mesh molecular structure and enhanced fiber together, so that SMC material has good impact resistance, easy to machining, easy to drill and cut, accurate positioning, so that it has high tensile strength and impact toughness.
  5. flame retardant environmental protection: the SMC material flame retardant performance can reach FVO grade, smoke density rank of 15, do not contain halogen, corrosive harmful substances, no harmful gas when burning, smoke toxicity level shall prevail (ZA1) security level, all material can satisfy the requirements of domestic and foreign best UL94, is a kind of environmental protection material, to meet future development needs.
  6. heat insulation anti condensation: is a kind of heat poor conductor, high temperature thermal deformation rate is low, can reduce the impact of environmental temperature difference on the inside of the box, compared with metal materials can effectively reduce the condensation inside the box, condensation.
  7. installation and handling is convenient: the box body adopts plate structure combination, modular installation, suitable for handling, simple installation, can be assembled or disassembled on site.
  8. beautiful anti-theft: box surface design diamond protrusion, to prevent small advertising paste function. And unique shape beautiful, beautify the urban environment. Its material belongs to the thermosetting composite material recycling value is low, effectively prevent the case stolen event.
  9. THE comprehensive cost of SMC mold is low: although the purchase price of SMC composite distribution box and distribution cabinet box is higher than that of metal box, but the box is maintenance-free, maintenance-free, and the characteristics of long service life are not comparable to metal box, so its comprehensive cost is far lower than ordinary metal box.

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