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What are the characteristics of Sheet moulding compounds?

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  • 1.Have excellent electrical insulation properties and maintain good dielectric properties at high frequencies, is free from electromagnetic effects, and does not reflect electromagnetic waves.
  • 2.Chemical corrosion resistance. The sheet moulding compound is a reinforced polyester material with good corrosion resistance characteristics such as acid, dilute alkali organic solvents and seawater. In contrast, metal materials can't do it at this point.
  • 3.Lightweight and high strength. The specific modulus is equivalent to steel's, but the strength can reach four times that of steel. However, the typical 25% weight reduction achieved at similar strength to steel is the main benefit.
  • 4.Long service life. The simulated aging test shows that their service life is more than 20 years, exceeding traditional materials such as metals.
  • 5.SMC moulded parts with an accurate dimension, excellent finish surface, and low cost for modification.
  • 6.Excellent Cosmetic Finish: Composites can be designed with a high level of surface detail. Parts can be offered in various thicknesses either coated with high gloss gel coats or with a paintable surface.
smc characteristics

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